About Us

The Arts Party is Australia's youngest federal party and was formed to help promote and encourage art, culture and creativity for all Australians - to get a better deal for Australia's artists, audiences and creative industries.

Re-prioritising creativity, community, education and of course, the arts, in the future planning of this nation is essential.

We need to invest in the Australian people today, so we can together create a brighter tomorrow. Learn more about our aims and check out our Constitution.



We need to give the parliaments of Australia a swift kick up the Arts.

To do this, we need members. We need members for income and we need members to show that there are votes in Arts issues in Australia.

We will be out there advocating for Arts issues, now... in the lead up to the next Federal Election... and beyond. What we need from YOU is a show support by joining, or donating.

Full Price Membership is $40 for 2 years subscription.
Student/Concession Membership is $20 for 2 years subscription.

or, if you are a member already, or have some reason not to join (please let us know what that is, in case we can help change it) - then a donation would be of great assistance too.

Join today - and show your support.